New Zealand Wine in India

NEWZEALANDWINE.IN is a sincere and honest effort to open Indian wine market to the small and medium wineries of New Zealand.


With the recent growth of consumerisation in India, there has been substantial demand for quality products from a growing middle class. New Zealand is exporting some world-class wines to England, Europe, America and even to China but few New Zealand wines have come to India. A few big brands do have a small presence in India but small and medium sized wine producers from New Zealand are still unrepresented in the Indian market.

NEWZEALANDWINE.IN, a BizTRADE (NZ) venture, interacted with New Zealand Winegrowers ( before entering into mutual understanding with five reputed and committed winemakers to represent them in this exploration.

We, along with,

are committed to offer the “best of tastes” of New Zealand Wines to Indian sub-continent.